Taking Stock of the Month That’s(Almost) Slipped Away.


Yikes! It’s been almost a month since I last posted!

I ought to be totally ashamed of myself but WILL NOT waste time wallowing. Here’s a quick look at my main preoccupation in the past 20 odd days 😀


School has finally started and this domestic goddess mummy can heave a sigh of relieve!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my son and I love spending quality mother-and-son time with him but constantly having to come up with interesting, meaningful, fun and challenging things to engage a 9 year-old for 3 months in a not-immediately child-friendly city is no mean feat. I found him on the computer and iPad, playing PS2 and watching cable TV once too often and myself running a short fuse more often than I like. So I was counting down to the day when school and a bit of distance will fix all these. So YIPPEE! 😀

Mother And Son On the First Day Of School.

Out Flat After A Long Day in School.

Still Out Flat After An In-Car Power Nap.

See what I mean? That should leave mummy lots of time to do whatever she wants, right? WRONG! This mummy realised on the second day of school that A LOT needs to be done to make sure this boy AND herself settle down well where school is concerned. Thus, I am now a member of the PTA as well as one of the 3 Class Mom Representative with 3 meetings and a workshop under my belt! Totally enjoying it 🙂

Back to the new-kid-on-the-block. He is slowly finding his footing and found like-minded friends. With guitar tuition; French Cooking, Cricket and Board Games Creation enrichment classes (all free! Yahoo! ;p); Tae Kwon Do and Robotics (starting in a few hours) after-school activities, his days look really fun and exciting.  

Honestly, I am envious and jealous of but very very happy for him.

I am sure this will be a journey filled with ups and downs for him (he still says he misses Singapore and wants to go back all the time! Gosh the power of N.E.!) and us the Jakarta Gang of Three but no obstacle is insurmountable with the power of three, insya’allah 🙂  

All right that’s it for now but I’ll be back real soon! I’m on a roll now! 😀


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