Inspired! M Missioni

Had a good 10 days in SG welcoming Hari Raya with the Woodlands Gang, helping out with visitors, decking up in Raya “finery”, jalan Raya-ing and helping ourselves to the kueh kueh and food served at every single house we visited! A really yummilicious burping good 10 days!

Now that I’m back in Jakarta and Mateen boi has finally started school it’s time for me to get going again before I lose it all :p

Here are some really cool things from M Missioni I found while trawling the Outnet last night to fire this goddess-wannabe!

Prints galore! Don’t you just love ’em? I can just imagine a really funky Baju Kurung or Kebaya in this! Obviously still in Raya mood! 😀

Check out the silhouette! And the back detail. Hmm is there a shift dress looming somewhere out there? Perhaps in Ox-blood Red Thai silk and batik? 🙂


I can so see a little dress in an assortment of batik for little Vera!

Ok I’m totally revving now and can’t wait to get home to start work! Are you too?

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