A Wee Baju Kurung

So it took FOUR painfully long days and back-breaking pedalling at the sewing machine to complete my first baju kurung.

Just send it to the tailor! My dear concerned husband would urge from time to time throughout the entire process.

But a little pain is good and thank goodness massages in Jakarta are cheap. Besides, lots of practice will make me skilled in no time! :p With these beliefs I embarked on my second attempt at producing the traditional malay outfit. This time round it’s for a little girl called Jiyann.

The pieces cut and assembled.

Work-in-progress. I wish I have a seam-making machine!

Embroidery for the collar. Should have added a backing before I embroidered on hindsight. :s It got a bit floppy after a bit of pulling. Ah well next time then!

Adding hot pink grosgrain ribbon for a splash of contrast.

THE FINISHED WORK! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately the wee baju kurung is still too big for little J. Hopefully she’ll grow into it soon! Do take a pic for me when she wears it yah Mummy Ana! πŸ™‚


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