My First Baju Kurung

Image from Pinterest. Love the lace bit peeking out. Ok let’s get to the actual topic now. πŸ™‚

10 REASONS FOR MAKING MY OWN BAJU KURUNG (In no particular order)
1) It’s extremely satisfying.
2) I grew up with beautifully-made and customised clothes because my late mom used to sew all of them.
3) It’s always good to learn something new.
4) Must put the sewing machine to good use right?
5) Tailors cannot give me exactly what I want.
6) Judy, my wedding tailor at Orchard Towers and the only one with immaculate workmanship and eye for aesthetics, is too expensive. (I now know the reason behind the high price tag :s)
7) I like the challenge.
8) It’s fun hard work. πŸ™‚

20120808-074042.jpgPatterning and cutting the Eyelet and Voile.

20120808-074400.jpgTacked pieces make my maiden attempt feel more secure.

20120808-074522.jpgEgyptian cotton slip to be worn inside. More sheer than I thought but should be ok layered. Plus, it’s super comfy! πŸ™‚

20120808-074901.jpgAnd now for the most challenging parts.

TADA! πŸ˜€

20120808-075034.jpgBatik tulis to match.

Though the workmanship is not perfect like my late mom’s, because I’m a nitpicker :p, the finished product looks decent πŸ™‚ I just need more practice. That means more sewing. YEH!!!!



8 thoughts on “My First Baju Kurung

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    • Hi Farah,

      I got the eyelet cotton and swiss voile from two different shops at People’s Park Complex in Chinatown, Singapore. The batik tulis is from Jogjakarta. If you are referring to the brown and pink polka dotted cotton, it’s from another shop at People’s Park Complex.

      I am still working on the branding of my label and a few other operational details and so am unable to sell anything yet. Thank you for the vote of confidence and support though! πŸ™‚


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