Step-by-step: Covered Switches

Here’s the tutorial for the light and fan switches I refashioned, just for dearest Atiqah. It’s really easy!

Assorted paper
Mod Podge
(I got mine at Art Friend but I think it should be available a Spotlight and other craft shops as well.)
Scissors or pen knife
Ruler and pencil

1) Decide on your choice of paper.
2) Measure all sides of the switch to be covered and transfer the measurements onto the reverse side of the paper selected.
3) Cut the pieces with either scissors or penknife.
(Remember to line the work surface with old newspaper or magazines if you use the penknife.)
4) Apply Modge Podge onto the back of the paper and the surface to be covered.
5) Align the paper and the surface to be covered carefully before pressing it down.
6) Continue with the other surfaces one at a time.
7) Brush Modge Podge on the finished surfaces to seal them in.

And there you go! The light switch looking pretty and good as new! 🙂



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